Seo Company Selection

June 14th, 2009
Among the biggest problems is the owner of the internet site is now to find out the right SEO company. Nowadays, almost all site owners realise  the importance of search engine optimization for successful business on the Internet. It also has  added to number of SEO firms in the industry, which is attempting to capture market. Of course, there are hundreds of companies, SEO, not all of them offering the best service.

You must be taking into account the following factors, such as in choosing  your SEO company. The company you picked out should have plenty of experience in the right place for your web sites in the major search engines and, more importantly, it has the experience in dealing internet site* in your niche industry. Unlike other services, search engine optimisation field requires some very effective knowledge to get ood results.

Secondly, they must be able to provide guarantees for the results of that they\’ll be capable to assure  for your internet site. Most companies are not on the results, but they have only vague promises. You had better avoid these companies and don\’t prefer them, The companies which are willing to guarantee the results. In addition, they offer a guarantee, it must be time limits, and should not be opened. Only if SEO companies  have Logic, their promise to the extent of these guarantees. If the SEO services. offer a refund, you\’ve perfectly no risk.

Thirdly, the company you  hire should work as your contribution to your company and be capable to do work with you closely and so as to get your useful input on your industry, because no one understands your business better than you. There should be an integral part of the action.

Fourthly, SEO company, you rent for your internet site  had better provide you detailed and experts, reports on the activities and progress, they\’ve made a good ranking of your site in search engines.

They had better  have an first-class support team, you are able to use with ease. You had better be able to use your questions quickly and professionally fashion.

Most importantly, it is suitable for affordable SEO packages for your budget. Today there are companies who are willing to pay enormous sums of money to get good rankings in search engines, but still pay a high price and not the desired results. It is your SEO companies offer their services at economical prices without conciliatory on result

By: SEO Positive

About the Author:

SEO Positive is an SEO Company that provides customized Search Engine Marketing strategies including SEO and PPC to help improve the search engine rankings of your website. please feel free to visit our website.

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SEO For Small Businesses

June 11th, 2009
It seems like times are always tough for small businesses, but no time is worse than during a recession. During a recession, many businesses try to cut back on as much as possible, but when does cutting back start to hurt the company? One of the places this question is most often applied is to the question of SEO. Should a small business pay for SEO when money is tight?

Unfortunately, many small businesses axe their advertising budget first. While this can be a good place to save a little bit of money, if businesses completely cut their advertising, they will not be able to attract new clients. Without new clients, there’s little they can do to make more money. While word of mouth may help somewhat, it’s not as effective as a marketing blitz.

While web marketing is cheaper than doing offline marketing, there are still costs involved. However, you may get a much higher return on your investment since you’re able to more deeply analyze how well your marketing is doing. Since websites allow users to track where their traffic comes from, it’s easier to identify and cut any online marketing that is not working. To this end, small businesses should not immediately cut their SEO budget when times get tight.

Some small businesses may not have even invested in SEO yet, and these businesses may be asking why they should spend the money. However, those small business owners may not recognize just how great a return they can get on their SEO. A huge return on investment is everything in a recession, and doing SEO is ranked as one of the top ROI solutions.

By selecting specific keywords and phrases, you’re very specifically targeting your audience. While ads in magazines may get a lot of attention, you never really know if your target audience is viewing the ad or if it is being viewed by someone who will never purchase your product. SEO, however, makes certain your website is being viewed by those who are looking for what you offer. It brings in more than just quantity; it brings in quality visitors and provides them with information about your website right away.

When it comes to dealing with SEO, small businesses have a few choices. They can either handle the SEO themselves or they can hire a professional SEO company. The first is obviously the most budget-friendly; however, if you and your employees don’t understand the basics of doing SEO, you may end up wasting your time. Fortunately, you can learn the basics of SEO fairly quickly.

Paying a company to do SEO, especially if the company is thorough and completely redesigns your website from the ground up to be fully optimized, may be out of your price range. Many small businesses simply can’t afford this. However, having an expert in SEO look at your pages can be helpful. Outsourcing only part of the SEO process can be helpful. For example, you may want to hire a professional SEO writer to create content for your website after you determine the keywords yourself.

By: SEO Sapien

About the Author:
SEOSapien is a SEO Company. Find all our Services and SEO Pricing at

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Want to Hire a Professional SEO Company?

June 10th, 2009
In efforts to increase sales and profitability, more and more companies are turning to online marketing initiatives - specifically, search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of the mixture of technical and marketing into a finely tuned website that is both search engine, ranks well for certain keywords and phrases, and suits your audience a perspective buyer and seller.

According to a recent American study found that only 20% of all businesses outsource search engine optimization programs to professional SEO Companys. The remaining 80% would be to conduct search engine optimization or they believe they have all the resources and skills to do it in-house. Of this 80%, it is likely that 90% of these companies can not be found on the Web - they do not exist. In order to generate a significant amount of Web visibility, your website must typically rank in the top-30 results.

So, the question boils down to what is in your best interest to the business?

Make your SEO program in-house or subcontract. To answer this question we will first focus on the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to implement and maintain a good program for search engine optimization.

SEO knowledge and skills

1) Basic understanding of how search engines and directories.

This may seem too obvious, but you would be surprised the number of people do not understand how they actually work. This knowledge is the basis of your SEO program.

2) Website design

Although SEO is not completely a technical marketing process, it requires a fair amount of technical knowledge of what constitutes search engine-friendly web design. Some elements of web design can help your search engine rankings or hurt them. Simply knowing who is who.

3) the experience SEO Expert

This is the most important and most difficult to obtain knowledge. If you have never implemented a programme of SEO, then you are in a big surprise. Search engine optimization programs require a lot of research and are extremely tedious. More importantly, they need real SEO experience. That means knowing what strategies and tactics SEO work and those who do not.

In-house vs. out-sourced programmes SEO

If your company is considering conducting your program search engine optimization in the house, here are some questions to consider.

• Who will be responsible for the analysis, design, implementation and measure the success of your program SEO?

• Is this considered the role of your department, marketing or other service (s) in your company?

• Do they have the time, knowledge and resources to successfully implement and maintain your program search engine optimization? And do they really care if it works or not?

IT Department

Typically your IT department handles multiple tasks daily troubleshooting your company’s LAN or WAN to fixing the sales department laptop? Over a long IT person of the day, what priority and focus do you think he or she will commit to for your listing? And even if your IT department has some skills in web design or development, these skills represent only a small percentage of the knowledge required for a successful programme of search engine optimization.

Marketing Department

Typically, your marketing department juggles many marketing projects and the faces of both the timely completion. From handling new campaigns for print collateral is preparing to launch new products or services, marketing personnel’s time to spread very thin. In addition, our skills and your marketing department is in the technical aspects of web design and search engine optimization? Do they have the time to become well-versed? Do they have sufficient internal resources? Often, the answer to both questions is no, they do not.

Other individual (s) within your company

Well, the responsibility falls on someone outside or your marketing department. Who’s who and why are they responsible for your SEO program? To give interested parties a new “project of the month,” usually result in another tick off their monthly to-do list and frustration by senior management on their website is why not produce results sales.


From a business standpoint, it makes sense to try to mobilize domestic resources to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability - whenever possible. However, there must be a line drawn in the sand between what your organization’s capabilities are and what they are not.

As you can see, there are no more search engine optimization than meets the eye. In order to implement and maintain a SEO program, you must acquire the knowledge, skills and resources. This can be done by hiring a professional search engine optimization of the company. Professional SEO Companys have devoted their resources and experience to support your company’s web marketing initiatives. Building on their experience and know-how, your company can quickly and more effectively successfully implement the programme of SEO Expert.

By: Sonu Seo

About the Author:

SEO Expert presents

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Seo Services that means the webmaster does not attempt to deceive search engines. SEO Services means playing by the rules. The web pages that are created by SEO Expert with white-hat SEO methods are beneficial to the Internet, search engines and clints.

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What to Find Out When Shopping for a SEO Specialist

May 7th, 2009
When shopping for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company or the specialist you need to be aware of certain things. If someone offers you quick results, they can be by pulling his leg. If you are not listed on the search engines for the average duration of the index will take approximately 4 weeks. Someone offering bids in less than coning is you. Web sites that have already signed up and are only being updated will be faster results.

A guarantee is not always reinsurance. Just because a site shows that they can help you in the stain 1 does not mean that they can deliver. Or, they can you listed under an obscure keyword or phrase. More legitimate SEO’s will tell you no one can guarantee first place on all keywords and phrases. Search engine optimization is not an exact science. Trail and error consistent with the emphasis will help bring your site closer to your goal.

Most Seo Expert should give you some information on your site, which is currently being held. You links, keywords, where you rank on the major search engines, and so on. Or, do one yourself. My article “Google’s Helping hand” show you free tools that can help you assess your position on search engines. Do not go into any SEO work blindly. Knowing where you are before and after.

Price is never a good idea of how a service is. More is not always better. Shop try to get the most for your money, but be realistic. If this seems too good to be true, then it may just be. Be prepared to shell some species. SEO is not cheap. You may want to consider SEO as advertising. It should be a candidate, however, that your advertising efforts.

Ask questions! Do not be afraid to ask what would be done to increase your rank. Most SEO’s not a problem, tell you what they will do. They may not want to reveal their entire SEO process. But they will give you an idea of what they will do. Talk to more than one company SEO. Compare what everyone has to say. Doing research on your own. Find out if these companies were reported to the Better Business Bureau. If a company or a person has had articles or written comments on them. Ask around. Try to get an idea of the company or persons credibility.

A few additional things to keep in mind are:

Seo Services is the principal activity or it is a sideline to other businesses. SEO is a full-time job. In particular, stay abreast of constant change. Do they have a specialist? Have they outsource? How do they really know? What are the views on the link farms and doorway pages? Will they do something for you the link and flow? Even if search engines frown on the practice. Can they can explain clearly how their action plan? Seek it to take small steps with you? Or, are they trying to sell you the biggest package SEO possible?

Follow this plan if you are looking for someone to optimize your site. At the end, it will have been worth it. Joe Balestrino’s site is it offers affordable SEO, bids and other articles on SEO and marketing. His other site offers affordable web design and free lodging for life.

By: Sonu Seo

About the Author:

SEO Expert presents Seo Services that means the webmaster does not attempt to deceive search engines. SEO Services means playing by the rules. The web pages that are created by

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SEO Expert with white-hat SEO methods are beneficial to the Internet, search engines and clints.

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The Basics of Seo Through Seo Expert - Some Faqs

May 7th, 2009
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a substance foreign to many people. Rarely a day passes when I do not get asked a few questions on the topic. So I decided to publish this article in the FAQ hopes it will help people to understand the basics, and make them a little more comfortable with the whole area.

Q: Why Search Engine important to me?

A: 85% of all website traffic is driven by the search engines. The only online activity more popular than research is a messaging service. 79.2% of American users do not go to page 2 of the results. 42% of users click on the no.1 result. For the under-40 years, the Internet will become the most used in the media the next 2-3 years.

Q: How do search engines decide their ranking? SEO Expert

A: IMPORTANT: You can not pay a search engine in exchange for a high ranking in the natural results. You can get a high if your content is deemed relevant by the search engines.

The search engines to identify content for their search results by sending spiders robots exploration (analysis) and index your site his (record) details. Complex algorithms are then used to determine if your site is useful and should be included in the search engines search results.

Q: Can I simply not pay for a senior?

A: No. The biggest concern for companies search engine like Google and Yahoo is to find the content that will bring them more traffic (and thus more advertising revenue). In other words, their results must be relevant. The results relevant is a good search engine; irrelevant results allows for a short-lived search engines.

Most search engines these days with two kinds of results, whenever you click Search:

“X Natural / Organic is the real search results. Results that most users are looking for and which form the largest part of the window. For most searches, the search engine displays a long list links to sites with content that is related to the word you searched. These results are ranked according to their relevance and importance.

“X Pure Paid advertising. This is how search engines make their money. Advertisers pay the search engines to display their ad whenever someone is looking for a word that is related to their product or service. These ads are similar to that of search results, but are usually labeled Sponsored and normally take a small portion of the window.

Q: How can I get a good ranking?

A: There are four stages:

Step 1 - Use the right words on your site

Step 2 - Get lots of relevant sites to link to yours

Step 3 - Use the right words in these links

Step 4 - Have a lot of your content and add more regularly

Q: What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of creating a Web site that is search engine. That means:

1. using the right words in your copy

2. using the right words in your HTML

3. structure your site correctly

4. design your site

For more information on these elements 4, download our “SEO eBook” Secrets of Seo Services .

Many people use SEO also describe the other ingredients in a high-ranking, “Link Popularity”.

Q: What is the link popularity?

A: Think of the search engines as a big election. All sites in the world are candidates. The backlinks are votes. The more votes (links) a candidate (website) has, the more important it is, the higher its ranking. Link popularity is all about the number of links you have, and how you can get more.

Links to your site on search engines to tell how your site is important. They assume that if it ¡| s important enough to many other sites to link to it ¡| s important enough for them to appear at the top of the ranking. Links are the most important factor in the ranking. In general, the more you link to your site from other sites, the higher your ranking.

Q: Are there any links better than others?

A: Yes! Ideally, such as those related to:

1. from relevant sites (sites that use the same keywords);

2. comes from important sites (have a good ranking);

3. include your keyword within the text link;

4. includes various link text (not the same link text each time), and

5. comes from a page that contains links to several other sites.

When a search engine sees a link that meets most or all of these conditions, she said, Hey, this site must be credible and important, because others in the same sector are pointing towards it.

Q: How do I get lots of links to my site?

A: There are several possible ways to generate links. Some are dubious (like auto-generation software and sites set up by webmasters simply to host links to other sites) and I won’ t discussed here. Others, such as those discussed below, are legitimate.

1. Add your site to DMOZ and Yahoo directories (and other free directories)

2. Check where your competitors links are from

3. Write and submit articles for publication on the Internet

4. Swap links

5. Partner websites

6. pay for the bonds

Q: What do you think is the best way to get a good number of links?

A: Article PR. Writing articles useful and leave other webmasters to publish free of charge in exchange for a link in the byline. PR of the article, you do not have to pay for the link, you determine the content of the page containing the link, you determine the link text and the link is more or less permanent. A single article can be replicated hundreds of times, and each time is another link to your site!

For more information, read / seoarticles.htm or visit

Q: How can I write a good article PR piece?

A: See / seoarticles.htm.

Q: How can I get a good classification using free reprint content?

A: See our signature.

Q: How long does it take to get a high rank in search engines?

A: A long! It is impossible to say how long you will need to spend generating links, but you can be sure it will be a while, whatever the method of generation link you are using. You just have to keep at it until you have achieved a high ranking. Even then, you will still have to devote some time during the task, otherwise your ranking declines.

Q: What is the Google Sandbox, and is it true?

A: The Google Sandbox theory suggests that whenever Google detects a new website, it withholds its rightful ranking for a period while it determines whether your site is a genuine, credible, long term site. It does this to discourage the creation of SPAM websites (sites which serve no purpose other than to boost the ranking of some other sites).

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the theory, but there are also many discount. Nobody categorically proved its existence.

Q: What is the link Google depreciation filter, and is it true?

A: The depreciation Google Link Filter theory suggests that if Google detects a sudden increase (ie several hundreds or thousands) in the number of links to your site, they can sandpit for a period (or in fact penalize you by lowering your ranking Or of a blacklist of your site).

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the theory, but there are also many discount. Nobody categorically proved its existence.

Q: What do I SEO firms beware of?

A: Beware of SEO companies that promise or guarantee results within a given time frame, especially if they will not expand their ways to link to your site.

Q: I am confused by all the terms used in SEO, can you help?

A: See our signature for be SEO Expert.

Q: What is keyword analysis?

A: The first thing you need to do when you begin to run after a good search engine ranking is deciding which words you want to rank well. This is called conduct a keyword analysis. The keyword analysis involves a bit of research and a good understanding of your business and the benefits you offer your customers.

For more information, download our free ‘SEO eBook “Secrets of SEO Expert.

Q: Should I submit my site to search engines?

A: Theoretically, no. But I do not want to risk not to do so - especially since it’s free. As soon as you register your domain name, submit it to Google! Even if you haven ¡| t built your site, or thought about your content, submit your domain name to Google. In fact, even if you have not fully articulated your business plan and marketing plan, submit your domain name to Google.

For more information, download our free ‘SEO eBook “Secrets of / seosecrets.htm.

Q: Should I submit my site to search engines more than once?

A: No need. Although some search engines let you do this, there is really no need.

Q: What are the directories and do I submit my site to them?

A: Directories are sites (or Web pages), which lists simply great site and give a brief description of the site. Some are free and some require you to pay for an ad. Free directories are useful because you get a free link. However, the links are not worth much. Paid directories can be good if they are relevant, but can be expensive in the long run, so choose carefully.

An essential for any directories website is the DMOZ Open Directory Project.

By: Sonu Seo

About the Author:

SEO Expert presents

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Seo Services that means the webmaster does not attempt to deceive search engines. SEO Services means playing by the rules. The web pages that are created by SEO Expert with white-hat SEO methods are beneficial to the Internet, search engines and clints

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April 29th, 2009

Technorati Profile
Technorati Profile

The SEO Rip-off Search Engine Optimization

April 27th, 2009
I decided to write this article as a result of many e-mails. It seems more and more people are victims of bad SEO. The main complaint is that they are paying entirely too much for little or no results. In addition, many are in the grip of bad SEO practices. If you plan to rent a pro SEO in the future, I suggest you use this article as a set of guidelines.

Before going to any person or business Seo Services , proceed as follows:

A) Learn how to set up and tested an SEO firm before you negotiate.

Do they have a strong client list under their belt?

Are they published?

B) Consider their portfolios.

What kind of results have they produced?

Contact a few of their customers. Are they satisfied with the work done?

C) To review and confirm their methods?

How are they going to optimize your site to access your keywords?

Did they use organic methods? Some individuals or companies use doorway pages, hide text in the background, use the re-orients the blacklist and other methods. Stay away from these values.

D) Get at least three different proposals for SEO.

Look carefully each. Are there any similarities? Proposals will help you to see which companies are honest and who are trying to sell you something you do not need.

What is the cost? The cheapest is not always the best, however, the highest price may not be attached to a comprehensive and viable course of action. Try to find to find a person or organization that will give you what you want in your SEO budget.

E) of the contract, contract, contract.

Get everything in writing. Search on the document carefully. Make sure it covers everything you mentioned, including methods of achieving your desired results. Have copies signed by the two sides. If employment is a big, you may want to consult a lawyer.

F) Clearly state the terms of payment.

While most SEO shall do no work for free or agree to a salary scale for results, many SEO professionals will not shy away from a more performance series of incentives. I am not a strong supporter prepaid contracts .. Most SEO professionals will abide by the 50% front, 50% on completion norm. Make sure that all the financial terms are clearly set out in your contract that the real work. This will protect all parties involved in a case where the expectations are not met.

In all, try to do your best to educate you on SEO. Have a basic knowledge of the terminology and SEO Expert SEO methodology. Anyone offering SEO should not have a problem explaining how they intend to achieve results. If they fail earn your trust or raise a red flag for whatever reason, keep searching. You will eventually find someone who will help you achieve your goals for a fair price. Happy hunting.

By: Sonu Seo

About the Author:

SEO Expert presents Seo Services that means the webmaster does not attempt to deceive search engines. SEO Services means playing by the rules. The web pages that are created by SEO Expert with white-hat SEO methods are beneficial to the Internet, search engines and clints.

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Should be SEO Consultant Than Rankings

March 21st, 2009
Maybe one of the biggest misconceptions in SEO is that the ranking at Google and Yahoo is all that matters in the search engine optimization. Potential clients come to Seo Services with a single goal: “Get me a top-ten ranking on Google.” Some will also mention MSN, and a few will rhyme off a list of search engines and want well placed at the top of 200 of them.

It is time to separate fact from fiction. Yes, your SEO consultant can give you a top-ten placement at Google. But

1. If the placement is for “dirty brown shoes”, it will probably not help your shoe store one bit, even if I tell you first hand. Few people are actually searching on the term.

2. Number ten perhaps not much either, depending on the term. People in search of “Essential Nectar liquid vitamins”, will probably click on the first result they see, or at least on one of the “above-the-fold” results that do not require scrolling. On the other hand, someone searching for “liquid vitamins” might check through two pages of results to become familiar with the available options.

3. If your title tag reads like a cheap list of search terms, it will not be attractive. For example, if it reads: “vitamins, liquid vitamins, multivitamins, multi-vitamins”, you can skip over it in favor of the next result that reads “Liquid Liquid vitamins of vitamin supplements Store.”

4. If your description tag is a mess, people will more likely skip over your list, even if it does rank number one, in favor of one that resembles what they are looking for. Google and others use the description tag usually when the term is found in it, so be sure to include your key search terms in a description tag that actually reads well.

Lately, I have responded to a forum question, which goes something like this: My site ranks number one for this term at this engine. The term is sought on numerous occasions per day, and the engine, this percentage market. Can I expect this many visitors?

This is not an SEO challenge is a matter of mathematics: market research x = visitors

I answered with a little outweigh the factors that mathematics in the SEO game, including the site’s title tag and the description tag, as well as whether the term lends itself to scrolling. I also pointed out that it depends on the title tags and description tags of the competition, too.

Another factor that makes it difficult to forecast traffic is the abandonment factor - how many people click on none of the results because they get interrupted or confused, or abandon the search for a new because they find themselves off - topic or searching too broadly.

It also depends on how many listings there are and how they are marked. Often, Yahoo and Lycos, for example, there are so many ads that the average user may never scroll a screen or two to see the organic (natural) results.

And, of course, it also depends on the color of the walls in the room since the user clicks, the weather outside and how well they slept last night. But there is little you can do about it.

What you can do is to work with your Seo Services consultant to choose the search terms are most effective for your business and make sure he develops a title tag and the description tag that sell to both humans and motors Research. Then, make sure it is not only followed the rankings of your key search terms, but also the description used by each of the search engines.

A good ranking in Google and Yahoo is just one measure of your success SEO consultant. A more complete evaluation is that he is your partner in building long-term, targeted traffic.

By: Sonu Seo

About the Author:

SEO Expert presents Seo Services that means the webmaster does not attempt to deceive search engines. SEO Services means playing by the rules. The web pages that are created by SEO Expert with white-hat SEO methods are beneficial to the Internet, search engines and clints.

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Reaching The World with Online Advertising

March 18th, 2009

The internet is just one of many mediums in which to advertise, but within the online environment, there are also so many different ways of going about it. Many work, and many do not.

Many advertising methods have simply been raped and pillaged by online UNprofessionals, that they no longer hold the value they should. Unfortunately, these spamming delinquents well and truly ruined the landscape for ethical marketers, long before the majority of people ever trusted the internet with their commerce.

Now we usually move into different arenas to market into, but you will still find, if you dig deep enough, that some very clever advertising people still extract significant dollars from the e-bomb ravaged land of email marketing, PPC, and yes, even traffic exchanges and banner ads.

We will try to explore some of the highly refined systems that still work, as well as other areas, such as SEO, contextual advertising, affiliate marketing and the more ethical side of online marketing and advertising.

God Bless,

M. Smith

Knowing The Price Of Good Seo

February 23rd, 2009
After the web site design and the completion of the basic SEO, the next investment any business owner should consider is in search engine optimization. In order to understand SEO pricing, we have to underline the fact that the optimization process in itself is very advantageous, since presumably the traffic generated by a well-indexed page will pay for itself. In fact, the art (or science depending on who you talk to) of SEO was created with such a purpose in mind: increase leads and sales, increase conversions, and ultimately generate more money!

Several factors influence SEO pricing, and the amount of work required is first on the list. While the financial investment for good SEO varies depending on the size and the complexity of the pages , please understand that good SEO that you don’t do yourself isn’t cheap. Companies and agencies that offer SEO services often promote a free site analysis based on which the SEO quote is created. With this kind of report, you’ll learn about how competitive you’ve been, what problems you face , and what changes need to be performed on the site.

Ultimately, your goals and your budget ultimately determine the price you should pay for SEO. Sometimes, the service provider will be able to recommend the less expensive alternative substituting elements that are not necessary for the optimization and suggesting various money-wise solutions.

There are lots of steps involved in the optimization campaign, and SEO pricing can be kept under control when you know exactly what needs to be done. Thus, any good SEO company will first initiate optimization by competition and industry investigations. Next should come the keyword research and the key-phrase selection, followed by the phrases implementation. Then, the web masters will continue with building of links and their submission to search engines and directories. SEO is a constant process, and requires active monitoring and communication between the owner and SEO agency to be effective.

To give some general figures of where SEO pricing can range, the whole process could cost between $2,000 and $10,000 according to the complexity of the site and the features of the competition. Beware of too low quotes since these are generally practiced by people with little experience in the field, and who may not perform the best of job on your site. The choice is yours!

By: Real Easy SEO

About the Author:

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Real Easy SEO provides search engine marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Visit our website to for seo information, seo tools, and to buy seo services.

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